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Force of Nature Force of Nature: How UN climate change chief Christiana Figueres became a fierce crusader to lower Earth's thermostat. The Christian Science Monitor logo-csm People Making a Difference: The Rocky Mountain Land Library The Christian Science Monitor logo-csm From Shakespeare to Sudan: An English professor becomes an unlikely crusader on Darfur. The Christian Science Monitor logo-csm The legacy of 9/11 racial profiling: Where civil rights met national security one Iraqi refugee lost his life in America and gained one in Canada. The Christian Science Monitor logo-sun Monumental Ego Sculptor: This famous Russian has a 1,200-ton lift ready for the taking. So why is it, no city is willing to take it off his hands? The Baltimore Sun  

Issues/Culture/Trends Reporting

logo-csm Gun owners talk: Self-protection is more complex than "stand and fight" - why one victim of a mass shooter now packs heat. The Christian Science Monitor logo-sun Orthodox weddings the rage in Russia: The sudden popularity of the church wedding -- like much of the religious resurgence after the fall of communism -- involves equal parts social fashion and Christian belief. The Baltimore Sun logo-sun Women are driving Russian men crazy in cars: In the new Russia, women in the driver's seat does not sit well with men. The Baltimore Sun logo-csm Not wild about turkeys: The noble American turkey story - the bird of pilgrims' pride and kindergarten paste-and-construction paper - has come down to this: a suburban whine of conflicting values (development vs. nature vs. the desire to not have peeping toms on your deck). The Christian Science Monitor logo-sun Banya: In Russian bathhouses, they like it hot -- really hot. It's steamy and you're beaten with birch branches. The 200-degree temperatures of the banya is the best way to come clean and relax. However, there is a rosy afterglow. The Baltimore Sun  

Book Reviews

logo-csm Adoption in Africa: Making a family in one of earth's most formidable places. The Christian Science Monitor logo-csm Imperial: For the brave reader ready to tackle it, this sprawling text by William T. Vollmann offers a fascinating glimpse of a US-Mexican border region at work. The Christian Science Monitor